Titan Electro


Now you can improve the efficiency of delivery of any goods.

Delivery of water, pizza, food, goods, parcels – everything is on a new level with Titan Electro Tablet and our custom software.

You see all the routes of your drivers in real time, status and time of the work, also level of electricity/fuel spent on the work route.

Upgrade your delivery service

Easy management in admin panel. The business owner, head of transport department or administrator sees all the necessary information about each driver in real time. Also displayed current fuel consumption of cars or electricity of electric vehicles, elapsed time, length of the route and number of refills.

Amazing and super fast!

Routes for drivers

Add routes for drivers in admin panel and they are automatically synchronized with Titan Electro Tablet installed in the cars. And also automatically builds optimal route, taking into account traffic jams for all delivery addresses.

Efficiency of a new level!

Super fast control for drivers

Mark the traversed route quickly and easily. Set the status of the order by touching.

It’s incredibly simple!

Amazing comfort for your clients

Full integration of Titan Electro Tablet + custom software + iOS and Android apps with support for voice assistants Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Alisa provides an incredible speed of tracking any of your orders, parcels, water, food, pizza to your home, office or other address.

10 sec for order, 5 sec for tracking.

The future is very close!

More orders.
More interesting.
More fun.

Support for the main voice assistants including Google Assistant for incredibly fast tracking of any of your orders in a few seconds.

Question – answer. Easy!

Support Siri,
Amazon Echo,
Google Assistance

Amazon is actively developing the voice assistant Alexa, so you can use any Amazon speakers to track any of your orders.

Question – answer. Easy!

Win-Win for your business and your clients

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