Electric car for everyone

Convert your gasoline/diesel car into an electric vehicle for 24 hours!

Superior quality without compromise and 200-400 km range!

Titan Electro Tablet

New era of multimedia system for automotive

Titan Electro Tablet

Upgrade your car. Make it smart

Time goes forward and the technology does not stand still.
It’s time to make your car truly smart.
Navigation, multimedia, camera – a new level of management and comfort.

Bluetooth, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, navigation, rear view camera and 360-camera. Air conditioning and interior heating, car diagnostics, tire pressure, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, radio, HDMI and USB for connecting your mobile devices (including TV boxes)

Fast, easy and convenient!

Titan Electro


Now you can improve the efficiency of delivery of any goods.

Delivery of water, pizza, food, goods, parcels – everything is on a new level with Titan Electro Tablet and our custom software.

You see all the routes of your drivers in real time, status and time of the work, also level of electricity/fuel spent on the work route.
Amazing and super fast!

Research & development

We are heading into the future and making technologies available to everyone with any size of wallet.