Kits for self-conversion a usual cars to EVs

In addition to our main direction – the complete conversion of any cars into electric vehicles with a set of the most modern equipment for 24, 36, 72 hours.
We decided to provide a unique opportunity to buy a kit for self-refitting! If you are a master who knows his car from A to Z, you have the necessary skills, experience and tools, now you can make your own electric car.

What we remove from a gas / diesel car

Removes completely the entire engine consisting on average of 5,000 parts, gearbox, the entire exhaust system, the fuel tank and many other units and units of the car that are not needed for the operation of the electric vehicle.

At the end of the conversion, you get a completely eco-friendly electric car with an incredibly low operating cost. You no longer need frequent engine maintenance and expensive repairs, do not need to change the fuel and oil filter, do not need to change the spark plugs, do not need oil change in the engine, do not need to buy expensive gasoline or diesel. Also, you will be much less likely to change the brake pads, because their wear and tear in an electric car is 3-4 times less.

Electric cars are the future that has already come.

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