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Commercial transport for business

The future has come

Complete conversion to EV in 24/48/72 hours

Zero CO2 emissions, maximally reliable and minimally inexpensive in operation

Modern technologies

Touch screen, navigation, cameras, digital speedometer, Wi-Fi, internet, GPS, multimedia

Safety and comfort

Wide-angle 360-degree view cameras for unrivaled convenience of reversing and parking

You are waiting at home

A night vision camera (thermal imager) for better safety on the road in all conditions – night, fog, rain, snow.
You always see further, better, more clearly!

Mobile App

Activation of interior or air conditioning heating, electric vehicle location, charge status and much more


  • Perfect and powerful electric motor
  • Modern batteries with high capacity
  • Controlling an electric vehicle with a huge touch screen
  • Internet, navigator, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G / 4G
  • Software update via Wi-Fi (Improve and add new features in future updates)
  • Controlling an electric car from an iOS / Android smartphone (Activation of interior heating or air conditioning, charge status and much more)
  • Maximum anti-theft protection and 24/7 positioning of an electric vehicle
  • Support autopilot for its implementation in the future